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My 10 year reunion recap

I am happy to announce that I actually had a pretty amazing time at my 10th high school reunion. I know these things are usually pretty crazy (from what I’ve heard) but everyone I’ve spoken to from my class has said what a blast they had, and I feel the same way. It was so good to see all of my friends and everyone really looked amazing, just a little more mature, and mostly the same. I reconnected with a few people who I’m really looking forward to seeing again very soon, too. And I’m hoping that I can keep in better touch with some of the people that I saw… especially since I was told by a whooooole bunch of people that I would be getting called about shooting their wedding just as soon as they became engaged! 😉

I really had a great time in high school, considering I transfered to the school I graduated from in the middle of 10th grade, and everyone else already knew each other already… It wasn’t always easy in the very beginning, but I liked my classes and I was welcomed by a sweet group of students who really made me feel like I was a part of the school. After a few months, JP Taravella High School was definitely “my” school, and I even decided to serve on my prom committee senior year!

Here’s me with my husband (first pic – top left) and a whole bunch of people who made my time at JPT great:

I have to say that I’m really looking forward to our next get together, hopefully it’ll be more like a 15 year meetup rather than 20 years! waiting another 10 years is too long!

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