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Green Easy #2: Plant a Garden!

Yay for the 2nd installment in my “Green” series… Green Easy, aka easy ways to introduce “green” into your life.

I have been wanting to plant a garden in our backyard for quite some time. While we aren’t gourmet cooks or anything, we do like to include fresh herbs and spices in our meals. Unfortunately it’s just so expensive to buy them at the grocery store especially since the recipe only calls for a little bit & the rest just goes to waste.  It’s not only wasteful of the plant but it’s a huge waste of money especially if you want to use these herbs frequently and every dish requires a different herb!

After visiting Adrian’s parents in Tennessee and seeing how easy their garden was to maintain we decided there was nothing to stop us from creating one ourselves. It’s great for the environment since we will be much less wasteful, and I love the idea of maintaining a garden with my son. It will teach him to work hard on something and will be something he’ll be able to be proud of!

I was surprised by how easy and inexpensive it was. It took a good half a day’s work for the two of us working together (that was kind of hard… not kidding anyone there), and then we finished up a few final touches the following day. I really enjoy watering my plants every day. I’m finding it to be really relaxing, something I didn’t expect… and now I want one of those “zen” garden fountains so I can sit outside and get eaten by mosquitoes while getting lost in my thoughts 🙂

I’ve made a big post over at my photography blog since I could make a nice collage with bigger photos there… but check out some of my favorite photos of Zachary from our day setting up our garden, and then click the linky to view the rest!

little climber

dirty face

Helping in the garden

View the rest on my photography blog!

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