Being babied

well, I’m currently sick with the flu & lucky enough to have my mom & dad close by to help out with taking care of the baby as well as me. I spent the day at my parents’ house & it was nice to be babied!! my mom even went out & got me the new Sookie Stackhouse book…. now that is dedication! 🙂 my parents are pretty awesome.

those of you eagerly waiting on a contest winner I promise I will post the winner’s name & info as soon as I get back to my computer, as I’m writing this from my iPhone in bed, where I’ve spent most of my day.

3 thoughts on “Being babied

  1. hope you feel better soon!

    NEW SOOKIE!!! i’m still on book 3, haha. i’m trying to read the series slow so i can enjoy it longer. 😉

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