Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2010

I am a little obsessed with online window shopping and often catch myself emailing links that I like via my iPhone (I really need to get a tumblr or something for this very purpose) so it only made sense for me to put one of these together since Mother’s Day is coming up! now, if I could magically receive every item off this list, I would be a happy girl.

1. Moss Green Dream Bloom Bib Necklace – ok, first off everything in this store is absolutely divine. divine. I was searching for something else when I found JLRY Designs and when I clicked the main shop page, no kidding, my jaw dropped at all of the beauteousness (is that even a word???). There are about 25 things that I want (the whole store?) and the shop owner would probably wonder who this crazy person was who just favorited every item in the store…. so I limited my favorites to a select few. But this green bib necklace is just spectacular. The colors are so soft and beautiful and perfect for almost the whole year. I could see wearing this for winter, spring, and summer, and then would switch to one of her other colors for the fall, since I’m all about rocking the reds, browns, and oranges in autumn time ๐Ÿ™‚ anyway… I will be buying something from this shop at some point (and SO SHOULD YOU!) because everything is amazing.

2. In the Cloudy Afternoon Dress – I tend to have a hard time finding dresses I like sometimes, but I can tell just by looking at it, that I would feel great wearing this dress! It’s so cute and just looks like it would be very comfortable. I love the paisley print on the skirt and the little ruffles on the bottom and that it looks like it’s a bit higher waisted. so pretty!

3. Capture Life Photography Necklace – I’ve been looking for some jewelry recently that would represent me as a photographer and I really loved this fun necklace when I came across it. I pretty much love ANYTHING with hand stamping on it. I think this necklace is so adorable and would have fun wearing it to my photo shoots to make me feel pretty and in the mood to have an awesome shoot!

4. Dead in the Family by Charlaine Harris – hi, my name is Karen and I’m obsessed with the Sookie Stackhouse books. This one comes out on May 4th and I’m sooo excited to read it! these books are great for anyone who enjoys romance, mystery, vampires, and books about the South. I devoured the entire series in about 4 days and have been on pins & needles waiting for this next one to be released (in the mean time I’ve been watching True Blood on HBO, counting down every week Sunday to Sunday for the next episode so I can get my fix). there’s nothing else to say, if you have not read this series, do it.

5. Bella’s bag from Twilight – so you guys all know I am a big fan of Twilight…. well, this is the etsy seller who designed Bella’s handbag from the Twilight movies! It is a handmade bag (of course) so it’s $175. I still want it… badly.

6. Antique Beaded Cuff – Amanda from AJ Designs is one of my favorite jewelry designers (in fact we have a giveaway going on right now for one of her other jewelry pieces) and one of my favorite things that she makes are these beaded cuff bracelets. I think she makes these in different colors but I have always loved the “antique” one since I like a lot of earthy colors (can’t you tell by my clothing/jewelry choices from this guide??) and I think that this cuff would go with just about anything I would ever want to wear. I loooove it!

7. Cheyenne Ruffle Country Cardigan – fun prints and ruffles seem to be a theme for me based on my clothing selections for this guide! too bad I rarely ever get to wear a fun print OR a ruffle in real life. I sure do love them though! the ruffles on this cardigan are way cute and pretty much MAKE it. extra awesome is the fact that they are done in plaid fabric. I love the color of the cardigan itself and the stitching is so pretty. everything Shop Ruche sells is love.

8. Bumble & Bumble Styling Lotion – this is the best styling spray for your hair ever. I have it in a trial size and it’s lasted me a few years because I rarely do anything interesting to my hair, but I only have a few spritzes left. I would never buy any other product for my hair, and I’m definitely going to be getting more of this stuff soon because I simply can’t live without it!

9. “Estate” Vintage Swarovski Earrings – since I started making my own jewelry a few years ago (I haven’t in a long time though), I have really loved Swarovski crystal and my favorite are the shimmery “aurora borealis” colors. well, combine the AB crystals colors with some vintage beads and you have a winner. these earrings are absolutely awesome! I have a lot of problems wearing non 14K gold earrings due to metal allergies but I’d totally make an excuse for these because they would make my ears feel pretty!

10. Home Sweet Home – the artist who drew this is named Katie Daisy and everything in her shop is just spectacularly beautiful! I chose the “Home Sweet Home” print for my list because I think it’s so cute and it can go well in many places – your kitchen, your entry way, your baby’s room, your room… even your office/computer room.

11. 6oz candle from Gabriel’s Aunt – the scents this company creates are just awesome – how would you like to burn candles in “Bohem” which is tobacco, amber, & vetiver… or “Afternoon Nap” with pepper, lavender, & marjoram… or the delicious sounding “Torte” which contains almond & frangipani with pink grapefruit & amber…. YUM! I love small candles like these because it takes me forever to go through the giant size pillar candles, plus it’s easy to keep a candle in a travel tin stored and safe from kids when you don’t want to have it out. funny how I think of everything in terms of kids now that I have one… ๐Ÿ™‚

12. Panasonic Lumix LX3 – yeah, this is a big wishlist item. the biggest, actually. if I could have anything, anything at all off of this entire list…. it would be the Lumix. of course, it’s the priciest item on here! ๐Ÿ™‚ if Panasonic happens to be viewing this blog post and wants to sponsor me and toss one my way, I’d be your biggest fan & evangelist forever & ever & ever….. come on… I can dream, right?? all you need to do is just look at the customer uploaded images on Amazon to see why this pocket sized dream of a camera rocks my socks! you can shoot it in “RAW” mode which allows you to do extensive post processing on your photographs. if you understand anything about digital photography or want a great camera that is not an SLR, this is probably what you should buy, since it can do just about everything including shooting HD video. someone please give me one?

13. Miho handmade perfume with Coconut & Lotus – Meredith happens to be a friend of mine, and I’ve seen her company Sweet Anthem grow from its very first test vials which I am proud to have purchased in her first week of business! her fragrances are complex, intriguing and beautiful, and she’s starting to really get noticed for them, something I am so happy about! I think her perfume, Miho, is such a gorgeous blend for a summer day (IMO anything with coconut = summertime). It also has notes of sweet orange, musk, sea moss, and violet.. you can’t go wrong! This particular listing is for her Eau de Parfum, but Meredith also blends perfume oils, colognes, lotions, and MORE! she is amazing!

14. You Make My Heart Go Boom – how adorable is this print? I am always searching for interesting hand drawn art on etsy (seriously… I think I probably look at least once or twice a day to see if there is anything I want to buy for my room or office or Zachary’s room) and while there is a lot of stuff out there that I LIKE and think is super cute, most of the time I don’t really like it enough that I want to spend a lot of money on it. however, I found this etsy store called “volume twenty five” the other day and fell in love with nearly every piece of artwork in her shop! not only is everything adorable but she prints her pieces on cannnnvassss (ooooh) and it is all very reasonably priced. this piece stood out to me because I love turtles and I just thought it was so adorable.

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  1. Karen, you always find the BEST stuff! I don’t know how you do it! But I looove reading your blog posts like this one. Please keep them coming! Love everything on this list!!!

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