Like beer? Like soap?

If you like beer and you like soap, then you MUST check out this Etsy store…. The Beer Soap Company!

Beer + Soap = All kinds of awesome

My best friend Amy and I took Zachary to a craft fair this past weekend. The fair itself was a little smaller than I anticipated, but Zachary really enjoyed walking around, people watching, and not having to be in a stroller (there was no room to wheel one around). He also met a few other babies, including little baby Aiden, who is the new son to my clients Janette & Cesar (can’t wait to photograph him next month!). As for the vendors, I collected biz cards from the few that I really liked so I could check out their websites, but by FAR the best vendor at this craft fair was The Beer Soap Company!

The couple who owns the company was super sweet and knew more varieties of Sam Adams Beer than I could ever imagine. I picked up a few bars for my other half (his birthday and father’s day are coming up), since Adrian is a big beer fan, and even though they describe their soap company as being for men, some of the scents smelled like something I’d use/wear, so I got a Pumpkin Ale soap for me (I LOVE Pumpkin Ale during the fall months)! I can’t wait to try these out!

5 thoughts on “Like beer? Like soap?

    1. Heather, I don’t think so, because it has other yummy stuff in it – like some of them have vanilla, patchouli, etc. So even though you can smell the beer scent, you also have all these other awesome scents too that combine with it. It smells so delicious!!!! You should place an order, it’d be a fantastic father’s day gift!

  1. Beer is great for the hair as a rinse. Try it sometime. Your blog is so informative and filled with fun. Love it! Beer is the new wine;)

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