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Green Easy #1: Coffee Grounds

I’ve decided to start a new series on my blog called Green Easy. I want to add more “green” to my life, but… I’m a little embarrassed to say that I’m not the most dedicated person ever. I will never, ever cloth diaper (sorry, this is absolutely disgusting IMO), I probably will never start composting (also kinda gross to me), and sometimes I do take really long showers (I have back issues, and sitting under that hot water really makes me feel better).


That does not mean that there aren’t other things that I can’t do in my life to help our Earth out just a tiny bit! I plan to research different ways that I can help the Earth and find out how I can lower my carbon footprint in general. And then once I’ve gathered some tips, I’ll share them here on my blog! It’s important to me, to know that I’ve done something good for my planet as well as for my children’s future.

My coffee

As I sit here drinking my coffee, I’ve decided that my first tip will be about how to utilize old coffee grounds. I drink coffee pretty much every day (and occasionally have been known to make two 4 cup pots of coffee!), so I really go through a lot of it!

Here are a couple of things I’m planning to use my old coffee grounds for. I’ve started collecting them in a tupperware after I finish a pot of coffee. Can’t wait to see how this works out for me!

1. The easiest tip is to use the coffee grounds in the soil in your garden or plant pots. They have lots of minerals in them so they make a great additive. I’ve already started adding coffee grounds to my poor aloe plants which have been struggling to survive for the past year or so — so I’m looking forward to seeing how/if this helps them.

2. Make a toy for your baby! My baby loves rattles and things that shake. Once the coffee grinds dry out, you could add them to an old water bottle (another way to recycle something) with a little dry rice and make an interesting shaker rattle for your baby to play with. Just make sure you use a little superglue or something around the cap of the bottle as you seal it, so your baby doesn’t open it up and spill the grounds all over the place! This is appealing to a baby because it not only has a pleasing sound, but it’s interesting for him to look at. Plus, I don’t know about you but my son LOVES playing with old water or Coke bottles! You could also make something like this amazing coffee grounds sensory tub, which I found on the always awesome No Time For Flash Cards website.

3. Odor repellent. Rub the coffee grounds on your hands to get them rid of unappealing cooking odors. I noticed this one yesterday as I was collecting the grounds in my tupperware and it was nice to have hands that smelled like Target brand S’mores flavored coffee. 🙂 Also (I found this on on a couple websites), once a week or so you can also put coffee grounds down your sink drain and follow it with some boiling water to give it a fresh scent. I think I’ll try this one today!

Hope you’ve enjoyed these quick tips that I’ll definitely be using in my day to day life. I hope to share more tips soon that will help you to go Green Easy! 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Green Easy #1: Coffee Grounds

  1. There are some great ideas for being green out there. Actually there is some debate about cloth diapering out there. Because of all the water used, especially in cleaning those really dirty ones out there. I’m currently using eco-friendly disposable diapers. They aren’t much more expensive then pampers and better on the environment. I love your coffee picture & your green ideas for the coffee grounds too. 🙂

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