Do you have a picky eater?

Is your baby a picky eater? Mine is. At first when he started eating a better variety of solids, I thought he might have an interest in eating different foods – I was able to get him to try meatloaf, quesadilla, avocado, and other yummy treats, but as he got older, his interest in food tapered off. Now his favorites include applesauce, Cheerios, and baby Goldfish. *sigh* So when he ate some hamburger with cheddar cheese melted on top for dinner the other night, I was practically jumping for joy! HE TRIED SOMETHING NEW!!!! YAY!!!

Of course, he only ate about four bites, and didn’t seem to feel like eating anymore before moving on to the grapes (is it sweet? he’ll eat it), but HAMBURGER. I was thrilled.

My husband and I come from very, very, very different eating backgrounds.

Adrian was such a picky eater as a kid that lived on nothing but peanut butter and honey sandwiches until probably high school and wasn’t at all interested in trying sushi until I pushed it onto his plate when he was already into his 20’s…. He grew up in Arizona so he ate plenty of Mexican food, but never tried anything more exotic than Chinese takeout until we started dating.

On the other hand, I was eating caviar at five and escargot by the time I was ten. I’ve eaten rabbit, alligator, frog’s legs…. you name it, I’ll probably put it in my mouth! I love trying new foods! In fact, I picked up some chocolate-covered, chipotle pepper infused hazelnuts at the awesome Trader Joe’s while we were in California last week. They are pretty high in Weight Watcher’s points, so I’ll only eat one here and there, but boy are they amazing (and exotic!).

I do have hope for Zachary. I’ve managed to reform my peanut butter and honey sandwich eating husband. He’ll now try just about any type of food with me (French restaurant? Yes please!) and thank God, will now cook with cheeses that say something other than Velveeta on the package (our first year or two of dating included a lot of Velveeta, ugh). Though there are still a lot of things he isn’t all that interested in, like Vietnamese food (gives me a good reason to have lunch with my dad), he eats so many things now that I know he never would have imagined. And with two parents who have a great palette, I think Zachary will probably be fine as he gets a little older.

In case he needs some encouragement, I found these awesome sticker templates that my friend Wendy from Wendolonia created for her son Wyatt, who happens to be a picky eater. She discusses watching the TV show Food Revolution and an idea that they proposed on the show: encouraging your child to try new things by giving them a fun sticker every time they do. Maybe the kids could even collect the stickers in a little book, and when they have a certain amount, they get a little treat of some sort (small toy or something).

I definitely have my fingers crossed that Zachary follows my path of trying new foods, rather than his dad’s, but if not then hopefully we’ll be able to encourage him in some fun ways!

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3 thoughts on “Do you have a picky eater?

  1. it amuses me when kids are picky eaters. my sisters and i definitely were NOT picky growing up. i remeber that my dad’s friend was in total disbelief that my sister and i would eat raw clams w/ tabasco sauce at age 4. haha

  2. My 3 year old is so picky! She’d survive off ramon, veganaise spread on toast, and french fries! I was never a picky eater and still really am not although I am vegetarian (for a year now) but my daughter is not because at this point, I just want her eat.

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