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My friend Heather Lilly (an awesome Erie, Colorado photographer), who is pregnant and now in her 2nd trimester, has been scouring the web for everything pregnancy-related, as you do when you are newly pregnant for the first time. The stuff out there now is way cooler than what was around when I first got pregnant two years ago. SIDEBAR — two years? How did that happen? Two years ago right now I was only five weeks pregnant and had no idea what kind of adventures were in store for me.

Anyway, I digress!! Heather found this awesome website from the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago called Make Room for Baby – an interactive exhibit that allows you to go through the process of pregnancy to birth.

It is really cool and especially fun when you make it zip through very quickly. Haha… but really what’s neat is that it shows you the process and transformation that the body goes through during pregnancy. Carrying a baby is an incredible ordeal for the human body. It is amazing that our bodies are able to squish everything together to make room for a tiny person… or in my case, not so tiny – Zachary was nearly ten pounds when he was born, and if you know me in person you’ll know that I am not in any way, shape or form a tall or large person. I barely top five-one. I can’t even begin to imagine the changes that my body had to go through on the inside to make room for my baby. I also count myself to be extremely lucky in the fact that although my c-section itself was a bit tough, I recovered miraculously well.

I definitely recommend visiting the website and taking a look at the exhibit. If you want to know more about the intricacies of human development inside the womb (when do the eyelids and fingernails develop?), checking out this site is also a must.

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