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Thunder and Lightning

I woke up this morning to the sound of cracking thunder, pouring rain, and my my baby, screaming his little lungs out from his bedroom. I jumped out of bed without even bothering to go to the bathroom (though I really, really had to go) and ran to his room to comfort him. I picked him up and held him to me as the thunder and lightning continued to crackle and light up his bedroom, which is covered on two sides by very large windows. The sound of the rain pouring down outside was much louder in his room than in mine, as was the thunder. My poor little guy was terrified. I didn’t bother to change his diaper, I just hugged him and stroked his head and brought him into our bed.

He calmed down and laid between me and Adrian. Even in my very tired state, I recall thinking that he looked so much more like a little boy and not a baby laying there resting his head on my arm… Periodically he’d cry a bit, look up at me, and then look up at Adrian, grabbing at both of our hands. We both cuddled him and kissed his head. He really did not like the thunder at all and each time the lightning struck in the sky, it lit up the room even though our blinds were drawn closed – that was very scary to him too.

After a few minutes, I realized that he was too shaken up to go back to sleep. Adrian thought he might like to watch TV, and that did the trick. I plopped him in his playpen on his pillow and he happily smiled up at The Wiggles, cuddled with his blankie, and drank a sippy of milk. Once he had calmed down, I fed him breakfast, and then it was time for a nap. We both fell asleep listening to the rain.

Since it’s such a rainy day outside, here’s a photo from a sunny day – Zachary helping Adrian water my half-dead aloe plants outside our front door. I really need to remember to water those things more often… I’m not much of a green thumb – let’s hope Zachary is a bit better with plants than I am 🙂

watering the plants

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