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Back Problems

The number one rule when you have a new baby is that the baby is always to be put down on his back – aka, the Back to Sleep movement. This helps to prevent against SIDS – every parents’ nightmare. After a couple of weeks, you start tummy time, which naturally the baby hates, and upon being placed on his tummy, starts screaming, yelping, whining, much like a little dog trapped  in a cage. I imagine that must be what tummy time must be like for a tiny little infant who can’t crawl or move away.

Soon the baby learns how to roll over and discovers that he actually enjoys being on his tummy! After a while he figures out how to scoot or crawl. Being on his tummy is now his preferred state, and his reaction to being placed on his back is now very much like his reaction as an infant to… tummy time. *sigh*

This is where I am with my little dude right now. He is not a fan of being on his back. I know this is common. But boy is it annoying – and tough when doing diaper changes and clothing changes. I look forward to the day when I no longer have to use the changing table – or when my little one decides he doesn’t mind being placed on his back! Of course.. by then I’ll probably have another little one fussing about the very same thing. 🙂

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