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evil fuzzy socks!

Don’t wear fuzzy socks if you might be chasing after your toddler.


Today while Zachary and I were playing, he crawled up on the couch while I had my back turned to pick up a toy. I turned back around and saw him sitting with his back to me and he kind of teetered there.

I thought he might fall and all of a sudden (it felt like) slow-motion I started making a mad dash to go grab him and I slipped in my frickin fuzzy blue cookie monster socks (my feet were cold!!!) and fell FLAT on the cold, hard TILE floor.

It took about a second before everything suddenly started hurting really badly and I started to cry, which of course scared Zachary and he started to cry hysterically. Adrian walked in and peeled me off the floor (I could barely move) and had me lay down and take something for the painl. I fell hard on my face, elbow, wrist, and my hip/leg. My right side is hurting (arm, wrist, neck) and my entire pelvic area is extremely sore around my hips. I am just incredibly thankful that the wedding I’m shooting is next weekend, not this weekend. I am in a lot of pain right now. 🙁

Zachary was not a happy camper after that. He would not stop crying. He was very upset seeing me get hurt and it took him a good 2 hours to calm down and figure out that everything was okay. He kept crying off and on, and for a kid who has stopped being cuddly the past few months because he would rather run all over the place and explore, he would not let go of me and would not walk around without holding my hand! I sat down on the floor with him and he just hugged and hugged me. We sat there hugging for a good 5 minutes! He never sits still that long so it was actually nice to get so much attention from my little guy. Finally I got him to calm down…

I called my mom and told her what happened, she happened to be over at Bed Bath & Beyond, and she bought me some cool fuzzy socks that have TREADS on them. Just like those baby socks with the non-slip bottoms. Nice, I can have my fuzzy socks once again and still be safe! 🙂

Anyway, bottom line is, if you have tile floor, be careful what you wear on your feet when you’re chasing a toddler!! I am thankful that I was not actually carrying Zachary when I fell… I have no doubt I would have been able to protect him with my instinctual reactions, but I’m sure that I would be hurting even more than I am now! ugh.

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  1. Ouch! I was picturing the whole episode in my mind and it hurt me just thinking about it. I’m glad you are ok. Take it easy and try your best to pamper yourself while your body heals. I will send you positive thoughts from afar.

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