Video: Zachary talking in the pool

As I mentioned in a previous post, we took Zachary swimming at my parents’ house about a week and a half ago. He enjoyed it, but we wanted to be able to take him swimming any time so we got an inflatable baby pool (big enough for Adrian and I to sit in, too) to put in our backyard for the summer. It was a great investment and was only about $30 at Buy Buy Baby. We have already taken him swimming in it a couple times after letting the water heat up in the afternoon and he just LOVES it! He kicks his little feet and splashes the water with his hands. He’s going to be a great swimmer when he’s older.

It’s great because we do it in the afternoon after the water has gotten nice and warm – right before the afternoon rains start – then, it starts to rain after we’re inside and changed into comfy clothes, and Zachary is all ready to take a nice nap listening to the rain falling outside. That is the life! How much more relaxing could it be?

It makes me sad that babies can’t remember things from when they’re babies – Zachary gets to have so many great moments together with us and of course, with Maya; I wish he could remember them. I guess I’ll just have to remember everything for him (and keep writing everything down in this blog & his baby book) so that he can tell his children stories about when he was a baby someday.

Anyway… here’s a video that Adrian took a few days ago in the baby pool. You can hear Zachary talking to the camera and saying Ma-Ma. 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Video: Zachary talking in the pool

  1. OMG!!!! That little video clip of Zachary in the pool is so cute! I can’t believe how big he is getting and how “little person” he is looking! (here & in the pics below). Except grampap thinks he should be saying “pappy” instead of ma ma (lol)

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