happy father’s day!

I actually have a wedding booked for today, so this will be a quick post.

I wanted to wish my dad and my husband Adrian a very Happy Father’s Day!

I am lucky to have a great father who is always there for me. He is a wonderful grandpa and Zachary loves him so much!

Adrian is a great daddy to our little boy. I love how Zachary’s face lights up when his daddy walks into the room – it is the cutest thing!

On Father’s Day I also remember my wonderful grandpa who Zachary is named for. My grandpa was amazing – he was the best grandpa in the world and I miss him very much. I am so glad that I named Zachary after him and I hope that one day Zachary will understand what an honor that is.

I hope all the other dads, grandpas, and dads-to-be out there have a great day!

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