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There was a little poll on The Bump website which I am on about how you decided on your child’s name…. here are my answers, in case anyone is curious about how we came up with Zachary’s name.

1. whats her/his full name?

Zachary Jacob

2. what does it mean for you? (is it after a family member, is it because you heard it in a movie, did you just like it, etc)

I always liked the name Zachary…. I’d had a student named Zach/Zachary when I was a teacher and I always thought he was hilarious so it kind of stuck with me as a fun name. Jacob was my grandpa’s name. I am very close with my grandparents and when my grandpa passed away in 2001 I always knew that I would name my child after him whenever I had a baby.

We went back and forth between Jacob Zachary and Zachary Jacob but Adrian really was not a big fan of the name Jacob and really loved Zachary, especially since our last name is also a “Z” name… then he would be “ZZ”- and Zachary Jacob flowed better so we went with that.

3. when did you officially know that was THE name for your baby?

We decided pretty quickly in my pregnancy since it was a name that we both could agree on (neither of us were able to pick girl names we liked well enough- good thing he was a boy!!!)….. I’d say within the first few weeks actually. It took a while to decide the order of the first and middle names, but we knew that those were going to be it, for sure. by the time we knew the baby’s sex at 19 or 20 weeks we had decided it was Zachary Jacob in that particular order.

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