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My first Mother’s Day

Last week was my first Mother’s Day. In the morning, we had brunch at my parents, exchanged gifts, and spent some time with Zachary, but we only had about an hour together since Adrian and I had a job booked. By the time we returned home from the job, it was already almost Zachary’s bed time, so there wasn’t much time to do anything fun together.  I told Adrian that this week that I wanted a re-do of my Mother’s Day – a day to just spend with him and Zachary, having fun. And that is exactly what we did!

This morning we picked Zachary up at my parents’ house, since we’d had a wedding last night, too, and went over to Borders in Coral Springs. The store is closing (very sad – I spent many years hanging out there as a teenager and will always have great memories of the store). They are having a clearance sale and everything in the store is at least 40% off! Zachary and I walked all over the kids section and looked at the different books. He really loved looking around in his stroller. I thought that he would fall asleep since he didn’t have a very long nap this morning, but he was very attentive and curious and wanted to see what I was doing and just loved people watching! He is so inquisitive even at this age.

I found so many great books for him and even got a few that he will be able to enjoy when he gets a little older – books that I remember loving as a child, like The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats and PD Eastman’s Go Dog Go. And you know those jumbo life size books that are like three feet tall and two feet wide and normally cost $80 or $90 or something like that? We got 2 of those for under ten dollars – one on the Cosmos and another on military planes – two things that we are pretty sure that he will be interested in as a little boy since Adrian said he couldn’t get enough of looking at planes and trucks and all of those typical boy things as a kid. 🙂

I love reading to Zachary, and he’s starting to get very interested in his books now. He knows the stories that I read him over and over and he really loves to hold the books and look at the pictures. He studies them very carefully, like he is really trying to absorb them.

After we finished up at Borders, we went home to have lunch and Zachary took a little nap before he ate lunch, too. We had fun playing together and he enjoyed some time in his doorway jumper. He loves to jump and spin around in it – he especially likes when Maya comes up to him to say hello while he’s bouncing around.

Now he’s down for his afternoon nap and I’m enjoying a cup of tea that Adrian made for me. I had such a nice day with my two boys (and my dog). This was the best first Mother’s Day ever – even if we had to celebrate it a week late! 🙂

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  1. Aw, that sounds like a great Mother’s Day! I’m glad you enjoyed yourself, because that’s what it’s all about! 😀

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