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No more ViewMaster?!

I can’t believe it – PDN (Photo District News) reports today that the classic ViewMaster toy is being discontinued! The ViewMaster, while simple, was a favorite toy of mine growing up, and I remember looking at my favorite reels over and over and over.

I guess I can see why it’s going extinct – kids today have so many fun digital games and toys that they can play with. Just the other day my mother-in-law took me and Zachary shopping for some good toys and things for him while she is in town visiting, and the array of interesting light-up and musical toys are astounding. The ViewMaster just can’t compete. Still, I plan to buy Zachary the same classic red ViewMaster that I had as a little kid, as well as some great educational reels (and some fun ones too)!

ETA: My mom found my old ViewMaster as well as the collector’s case with all of my reels! I am so excited to see it! My mom says she thinks that my ViewMaster was actually the one that she kept from her own childhood. If it is the same, how cool that Zachary will be one day be using a toy that his Grandma and his Mommy both used and loved!

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  1. That’s so sad. I loved my ViewMaster. I know my dad still doesn’t have mine….that’s so cool that Zachary will have a family toy.

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