MagCycle: Recycled Reading

If you’re anything like me, you get a ton of magazines in the mail each month. I get a lot of free ones, because I managed to sign up for a bunch of baby and parenting magazines when I was pregnant, and they keep sending them to me, for free.. anyway, after I read through them, I usually feel pretty bad just dumping them because it seems like such a waste. And as for the non-free ones, I definitely feel bad dumping them because 1. they cost money, and 2. they’re nice to look at and deserve to get more enjoyment out of them than just one read (even if all I do is read it one).

Tonight, I found a really interesting solution – and a way to investigate other magazines that I think look neat! I found this website called MagCycle which seems to be launching in the near future. MagCycle proposes recycling your magazines by swapping them with others who are interested. What a great way to expand the reach of a magazine and add a bit more “green” into your life. Their motto on the bottom of their website is: “More reading, less paper, happier planet. Together, we can make a difference.” I like it!

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  1. That’s a great site! I used to take my magazines to Winnie Palmer for the waiting rooms until some other person brought some “inappropriate” mags in and they stopped accepting magazines all together.

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