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I won something!

Long, long before I got pregnant, I found this wonderful shop on Etsy called BellaBlu Designs. Christy (the proprietor) sells gorgeous stationery and onesies, tote bags, and other art pieces that are appliqued with various things, mostly dogs and other animals. Her dachshund onesies are really popular, and they feature a cute doxie that wraps around the side of the outfit. Since I am a huge dachshund lover, I knew I would have to have one whenever I ended up having a baby – someday.

When I learned that I was pregnant, I looked at Christy’s store again, excitedly waiting to find out if I was going to have a boy or girl so I could place my order. When Adrian and I learned we would be having a boy, I ordered the cutest little onesie with a blue and brown patterned dachshund which came with a matching burpcloth.  I also got a doxie appliqued tote bag which I really love. I have been following Christy’s blog and store website religiously, enjoying all of the lovely things that she creates.

Recently, she created a Facebook page and had a contest on her blog to show off the new look and branding. I entered the contest, and Christy was sweet enough to give out awards to everyone who participated, in addition to giving out a grand prize. While I may not have won the grand prize, I got a sweet email from Christy the other day letting me know that I could select a onesie or set of stationery of my choice from her shop. I chose another onesie for Zachary, since he grew out of the size I ordered quite a while back! This time I got one in a bigger size so that he will be able to wear it a lot and grow into it.  Zachary loves our doxie Maya so I’m sure he will be excited for another doxie onesie. 🙂

Yay!! I’m so excited that I won something, which never happens… and it just happened to be from one of my very favorite online stores!!

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  1. How cool! I have her as one of my favorite etsy shops and I recently ordered some dachshund stationary as a birthday gift for a friend who has two of her own.

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