Zachary’s 3 month update

Yesterday we took Zachary to the pediatrician for his 3 month appointment. Unfortunately for him, he had to get the next part of his Hepatitis B vaccine and also had a finger stick blood test (which he REALLY did not like and cried a lot from). Aside from those two things, it was a very good appointment. We went over a few different things with the pediatrician, who was pleased with Zachary’s progress.

His stats this month were 26 inches and 17lb 12oz. He grew two whole inches and gained about 3lb. He is in the 95th percentile for both height and weight. I asked the doctor about 42 times if he is growing at an appropriate rate (ie, not gaining too much weight too quickly) and he showed me Zachary’s growth chart and said that since his height and weight are accelerating proportionately, he is PERFECT and does not have any more chub than any other baby his age. 🙂

He pointed out that Zachary just happens to be bigger than other kids his age because he popped out at over 9lb and also, he’s probably going to be fairly tall. Based on the fact that Adrian and his sister are pretty tall (Adrian is over 6 feet and Lissa’s really tall too) it seems that Zachary must have ended up with those genes (thank goodness, since I am really short!!).

So, all in all, we had another good visit. I am happy to know that my baby is a perfect and healthy three month old. 🙂

Here is another photo of my sweet boy from the other day:

Cute baby boy

3 thoughts on “Zachary’s 3 month update

  1. Little Zach sounds a bit like Lily. She was 95 weight 75 height at 3 months and 6 months… and then she finally didn’t eat overnight (which i know zach doesn’t) and she started crawling everywhere and she is now 50% weight and 75% height. So it can change too. But you are right, he is probably just a big boy like his Daddy.

    And your photos are amazing as always.

  2. Don’t worry, every baby has their own rate of development. Jude is always in the low percentiles, the doctor even said “some families just have little heads,” although that doesn’t really sound like a compliment. It’s so funny how closely these things are monitored when they are babies, but by the time he’s a toddler, they all pretty much look the same.

    Lovely pictures. I am sure when you are not taking pictures you just can’t resist kissing those cheeks!

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