Family, Zachary

Family visit

I have been so busy that I haven’t had too much time to blog about this. Adrian’s mom Debi, dad Dan, sister Lissa, & brother in law Brij came to visit earlier this month and see little Zachary. I took a couple of photos while they were here and wanted to share them.

Of course lots of the photos have Maya in them. LOL.

Maya watching as Lissa holds Zachary:
Maya watches Lissa hold Zachary

Maya watches Brij hold Zachary:
Maya watches Brij hold the baby

Lissa, Brij, & Zachary:
Lissa, Brij, & Zachary

Mom, Dad, Lissa, Brij, Adrian, Me, and Zachary in front of our house:
Welcoming the new baby

The family oohing and ahhing over the baby, in front of our house:
Awwww... it's a baby!

The whole family, including my parents, at dinner at my parents’ house:
Our family

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