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good and bad

Today was good in the beginning, and aggravating towards the end.

The morning was very nice. Adrian and I woke up late and spent some time together lounging before heading up to Boca Raton to have lunch at our favorite Indian restaurant with our friend Jason and his brother-in-law, Rodrigo. Hopefully the spicy food will help push labor along… anyway… after that, we stopped by our friend Jessica’s office to pick up our maternity photos. They came out great, and I will be sharing some over the next few days.

After we got home, I started to not feel so great. My feet have been horribly horribly swollen, which I posted a picture of a few days ago. They are not much better today and really started hurting me. I tried to put them up so I laid on the couch with pillows under my feet, but felt horrible, like the baby was squishing my internal organs, and I lost my breath because of the pressure on my lungs. On top of this, I am having a number of problems with Photoshop on my computer, which is preventing me from finishing the work I so desperately need to finish. It was extremely frustrating, and I hope Adrian will be able to fix it soon. I feel bad that he is spending all this time working on my stuff, because I know how important it is that he does his own work.

A while ago we stopped working to eat some dinner and enjoyed spending some time away from the computer watching a little TV. However, I still feel frustrated and upset that I am not feeling well and that my computer is having issues. I think that I’ll just go to bed in a while and hopefully tomorrow will be a more productive day.

4 thoughts on “good and bad

  1. I have been told that ‘feeling like crap’ can be a sign of your body starting to get ready to do it’s thing! Here’s hoping for you!!!

  2. do you have a place you can take a bath? I think I remember you telling me you didn’t really. Just a thought because taking a bath really helps my feet feel better when they are swollen. Maybe you could even just soak your feet in a small tub or something if you can’t take a full-on bath.

    I also recommend spending a whole day in bed. When my swelling was at its worst, that was how I got it to go down.

  3. susan, I wish I did, but the knob on my tub is broken so I can’t use it. 🙁 the shower in my master bathroom is just a shower.. no tub! so depressing! I am dying to take a relaxing bath, actually.

    I would loooove to spend a whole day in bed. I think I have too much work to do though. sometimes owning your own business sucks because the work just never ends. I have a number of orders I have to finish up before the baby comes!

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