Getting things done

Today has been a pretty productive day. In addition to forcing myself through some editing despite the awful carpal tunnel pain, Adrian and I went over to Michael’s to get our wedding photo and Ketubah (Jewish marriage license) framed.

Yes, we’ve been married for nearly four and a half years, but hadn’t gotten around to framing these two things!! My parents had offered a year or two ago to cover the framing as a Hanukkah gift… but we still hadn’t taken care of it!

Now that the baby is coming very soon and I’ll most certainly want to plaster our walls with gorgeous baby photos, I figured we might as well have our wedding picture and Ketubah framed once and for all. I’m glad it’s finally done, and I look forward to finally having them up on display (especially our Ketubah – it is gorgeous)!

3 thoughts on “Getting things done

  1. Framing is EXPENSIVE! I went into Michaels with a 60% off coupon, and just one pic was $175. Sooo we only ended up going with one of the photos we orderd from you for the downstairs. Someday when we both have full time jobs we can get the other ones framed for our bedroom 🙂

  2. I would love to see a photo your wedding photo and Ketubah all framed on your wall. I’m sad like that though. 😀

    I hope you can find some relief from the pain and discomfort before the baby comes – if not I’ll hope instead that it is all baby related and it’ll pass once the baby is here.

    I think you are the first OOCer to have a baby. Is that right?

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