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When I first got pregnant, I immediately imagined carrying the baby around in a baby carrier. It’s just one of those things that popped into my head since I always see parents carrying kids around that way and Adrian and I think it looks pretty adorable.

I first investigated the BabyBjorn, which seemed to be really popular, but then I heard some lousy reviews on it. Then I heard about the Chicco carrier, which people said was much better, but I still wasn’t sold. Finally I decided to register for a sling because I thought that would be the most comfortable option for me. I picked the Moby wrap based on reviews I read online. However, there’s no way that Adrian is going to wear a sling (especially the cute orange one I got as a shower gift!!), so I have been thinking about what he might enjoy for baby-carrying.

A few days ago, my parents were at Baby Love, a huge baby department store right here in our town of Tamarac, and found out about the Ergo baby carrier. It looks way more comfortable and versatile than both the Bjorn and Chicco carriers, and very useful, since it can hold weight up to 90 pounds apparently and can be worn in front, on the hip or as a baby backpack (cuuute!). It is quite a bit more pricey, at $105, but it looks like it would be worth it. If we decide to get a baby carrier, I think this is the one we will definitely be purchasing. Adrian and I both like the black with green lining, and thankfully the Ergo can accomodate our height difference as it will fit me at 5’1″ and Adrian at 6’1″.

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  1. We have the Ergo and it is AWESOME. It really distributes the baby’s weight evenly so you don’t feel it at all. I was able to carry Julia comfortably for more than 2 hours (and she was 20 lbs!).

    Congrats on your baby son!

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