If you love food and enjoy looking at pictures of food, then Tastespotting is absolutely the website for you.

I found the site due to an accidental click on my Stumbleupon toolbar, which only proves that I need to use my Stumbleupon toolbar much more often than I do now.

Anyway, the site has lots and lots of gorgeous photos that link to even more awesome blog entries, many which have incredible recipes for concoctions I could have only dreamed of. Actually, I couldn’t have dreamed of most of them, they are just too amazing.

Check out this amazing autumn-themed recipe for penne pasta that I found. It looks absolutely delightful, and thankfully for me, absolutely easy to create!

Adrian and I are trying to do a lot more cooking, so I can tell I’ll be visiting this site often to see if there are any recipes I ought to check out!

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