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it’s starting to get obnoxious.

I hate election years because while I respect the fact that my liberal friends can vote for whoever they want to vote for, and I respect their right as an American to make that vote, my liberal friends can’t seem to accept that I also have that same right to make my own choice, and keep sending me emails in hopes that I will suddenly change my mind or my party affiliation.

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  1. Us liberals and libertarians get the same treatment from many conservative friends and family members. 🙂 So I feel your pain.

    I don’t think they’re trying to usurp your rights to make your own choice by sending you an email asking if you’d reconsider in the face of certain evidence types or speculations. Both sides totally play that game, particularly when the race looks like such a close call.

    At this point I’m not emotionally invested in the win of either candidate. I have a lot of faith in checks and balances, and less faith that either candidate will be particularly influential or effectual in changing the course of the country in the next four years.

    I do remain, however, surprised at people who can look holistically at Governor Palin’s social/civic positions and not find them to be a dubious throwback to less tolerant times.

  2. this election year is really ugly. I am staying out of everything the best I can — no posts, no emails, nothing. I’m sorry you’re in the middle of some of the crap. 🙁

  3. Wordy-word-WORD. I think both parties pretty much suck, to be honest, but I’ve noticed over the years that Democrats are waaayy more obnoxious than Republicans when it comes to voting (both IRL and on LJ), and it drives me up the wall. I haven’t gotten any emails from people, at least — that’s incredibly rude and presumptuous, and I’m sorry you have such pushy “friends.” 🙁

  4. I hate the political season, too!! I’m not comfortable talking about politics and refrain from doing so in general. I have lost a few “friends” over the years due to our political differences and the heated debates that came of them – and not necessarily over the politics themselves but emotional and hurtful words instigated by the subject – so not worth it to me!! I would never end a friendship with someone because of our political differences, but I do encourage you to share what you’ve written with your liberal and Democratic friends. If you aren’t shoving your politics down their throats, it really isn’t fair for them to do it to you.

  5. I have had the same experience – except I’m getting Pro-Republican emails from family members and friends. And I also get it when I ever I see the people in question in person – usually in the form of jibs at my candidate. So I think, really, that it is less a ‘liberal’ thing (I personally hate labeling either side as bad) and more a ‘who you’re dealing with’ thing. It’s all in the person, not their political affiliation. I leave my political discussions people who also plan on voting democrat, because you really can’t change a person’s mind and I would rather have a discussion and not an argument! Like with me, it doesn’t matter how many emails I get I’m not going to vote for the Republican party because they just don’t represent my political point of view. 🙂 I try to treat other people the same way – we all have issues that are near and dear to us that we base our voting on.

  6. Word! I’m with jesspark on this one. (and why oh why doesn’t WordPress do threaded comments? I know, its not your fault…but I do miss threaded comments when I’m not on LJ…)

  7. I’m with Lauren. I really don’t think it’s a Democrat or a Republican thing. Anytime you’re being told from someone with a different opinion – repeatedly – that what you think is wrong or who you support is blahblahblahwhatever, it’s annoying.

    Just as I don’t paint all Republicans with one brush, I don’t like Democrats being painted with one, either.

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