Baby Love

Yesterday, I spent some time with my mom and went to Babies R Us. I wanted to look at some baby items in person so I could work on my registry. We didn’t have such a great experience there (not many people around to help or answer questions… ugh). After I picked out a few things for the registry, we decided to go to Baby Love, a locally owned store, to see what it was all about, as we had heard so much about them.

The experience at Baby Love was so different!! From the moment we walked in, someone was there to help out. I decided that I wanted to look at strollers first, so we were introduced to Kim the Stroller Lady. She showed us a number of travel systems, and ultimately I decided that I liked the Chicco system. I decided on the red color as it will work well for a boy or a girl, so I can use it for our next child, too.

chicco stroller

Next, I decided that furniture was in order… so we were introduced to Michael the Furniture Man. He definitely knew his stuff!! After walking around and looking at the overwhelmingly large selection of furniture, I found a great set that was both reasonably priced and well-made! Also thinking to the future, I think this set would make a great room for a boy or a girl, so if I wanted to use the crib for our next child, it would work great! Here’s a photo from the website:

million dollar baby crib

The color of the furniture is “espresso” which is the same nice dark brown that is pictured in the photo above. In addition to the crib, we will need the changing table and a dresser with an armoire-hutch. I would also really love to get a bookcase too, since reading is very important to me, but since that’s not an absolute necessity, we’ll see how things work out. The crib is a drop-rail which is great since I am short and will not be able to reach over the side!

I am really pleased to have gotten these two choices out of the way. The travel system and the furniture were two things I have been stressing about since I know I should have picked them out already, and I’m glad that now I can focus on getting the room cleaned out & painted (hopefully will be done in the next week or two), and then picking a theme.

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