Lunch with my parents

My mom texted me this morning and asked if I wanted to get Thai food for lunch. I hadn’t been to Ninja, my favorite Thai/Sushi place in Coral Springs in quite a while, so I joined my parents there. I decided to bring my camera just in case I found myself in the mood to take some photos. I ended up taking 3 really nice shots of my parents, and my dad got a great photo of me, too!!

Lunch with my parents

Lunch with my parents

Lunch with my parents

My dad took this photo of me at lunch.

My dad is a good photographer, too, don’t you think? I love the photo he took of me today!

Of course, Ninja’s portions are pretty huge, so I ended up taking the last half of my meal home with me. I look forward to enjoying my pad thai and california rolls tomorrow, too!

5 thoughts on “Lunch with my parents

  1. great shots. love the lighting.

    i too had sushi for lunch…i went to moon and it was pretty bad.

    love the shot of you. default it up!

    mmm…i see my pad thai lover in the pic. i’m doin the spicy mayo dance!!!

  2. Aw, cute pictures all around! I love pictures of your family because I think you look like a total mashup of your mother & father. Some people favor one parent more than the other, but I think you are total mix of both parents and that’s cool!

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