Happy Engagement, Melissa & Mike!

This past Saturday night, Adrian and I went to Forte Palm Beach to have dinner with my good friend Melissa and her family to celebrate her engagement and birthday. The food was incredible and we had a great time catching up. I can’t believe Melissa and I have been friends for 15 years!

Melissa & Mike:
Melissa & Mike

Melissa & her two sisters Tiffany & Cassie
Tiffany, Cassie, Melissa

Me and Melissa
Me & Melissa

Congrats to you guys! I can’t wait for your wedding next year!!

4 thoughts on “Happy Engagement, Melissa & Mike!

  1. is this your friend melissa that went to USC? if so i met her at your engagement party and if so did she end up going to law school and how is she? if it’s someone else then… never mind 😉

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