I discovered this really cool website the other day called StumbleUpon. Basically, when you sign up, you click checkboxes to list things that you enjoy or have an interest in, install the toolbar on your browser, and the website will send you to really interesting websites. Some of the interests that I plugged in are astronomy, stuff for kids, and reading. I got a couple of really fun sites back. Here are three that fit my interests perfectly:

Bembo’s Zoo: fun kids website where you pick a letter of the alphabet and it turns the word starting with that letter into a zoo animal! I could entertain myself on here for hours… LOL.

Book Mooch: “give books away, get books you want” – looks like a fun book exchange site. I’m sure I could use this as there are some books I definitely don’t want anymore, and of course tons I would love to read.

The Size of Our World: simple but fun site that shows the Earth in relation to the other planets in our solar system, and our Sun in relation to other stars! I had no idea that there were so many stars so much larger than our sun. It really gives you an interesting perspective on other celestial bodies in outer space!

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