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Busy Bees

Things have been really busy for us lately. Both Adrian and I have tons of work to do, but we’ve also been doing a lot to get the house settled and ready for the baby.

This week, we decided to take advantage of Memorial Day sales and update our furniture at our favorite local furniture store, City Furniture. We purchased a new bed, of which we were in dire need (upgraded to a King size – yay!), as well as a new headboard & nightstands, and a fantastically beautiful leather couch, which works wonderfully in our living room for entertaining, relaxing, as well as photo viewing when I have my portrait clients over to see their images.

A few things still need to be taken care of, like a new area rug for the living room, but I am really pleased with how everything looks. Next up will be some more canvas prints of our work to show off on the walls.

Photos will be forthcoming as soon as we make some final finishing touches to the room.

I’ve also decided on a theme for the baby’s room. The theme I’m working with is fitting to my and Adrian’s interests and will work for either a girl or a boy. Since it’s not a traditional theme like monkeys or dragonflies or outer space, I still need to work on some details, but will be sharing that with you all soon once things slow down a little and I can get myself organized with baby details. 🙂

I am getting more and more excited every day about the baby, especially now that I’m showing and other people can tell I’m pregnant! Adrian and I visited the doctor on Wednesday, where we got to hear our baby’s heartbeat for the first time. What an awesome experience that is! The heartbeat sounded just like galloping horses. We’ll get to hear it again at our next visit, too.

Adrian took some video at the appointment to record the audio of the heartbeat. We’ll make a pregnancy video at some point and include all these snippets of experiences, which I hope our child will appreciate someday.

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