Daily Life

Up and running!

Okay. I think I have everything set up and running. There are only a few things I need to figure out, and I still haven’t decided if this is the template for me, but at least everything works now!

Last week I had the flu, and I still feel a little under the weather. Being sick while pregnant is NOT fun, let me tell you. I’m feeling a lot better this week, with the help of tons of fluids, lots of rest, and antibiotics. I still can’t seem to catch up enough on sleep. There’s always something to do. I feel so run down! And being pregnant isn’t helping, because I am definitely more tired than I typically am. This weekend starts a big crazy month of shooting weddings, so I am going to try to get more sleep in the next couple of days so I’m refreshed on Saturday evening for the first wedding.

As tired and backed up on work as I am, I still have the itch to go out and shoot… hopefully this weekend’s wedding will satisfy that!

Back to work… but first, off to go get a bagel & coffee. 🙂

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