show me your guns

In my world, referring to “guns” is referring to my cameras. As in “shooting” people with my cameras. But last night I had a really realistic dream in which I had a gun.

I was in some kind of situation where I was with a large group of people and we were not allowed to leave the room. There were all kinds of people. Some very properly dressed ladies, people who were just lounging around, and some gangsters who were freaking everyone out. They were led by a very pretty woman who was sitting up on a stage.

I had a gun that I was hiding in my back pocket and obviously had for protection. I was afraid that someone would see it, and even more nervous because I didn’t even really know how to shoot it if things came to that.  The dream was fairly uneventful – just hiding from the gangsters – but at one point I had to show the gun to scare off someone who was terrorizing a young girl who in the dream was my cousin. I was very firm and got them to leave once I started waving the gun around.

It was a really weird dream, especially because I don’t currently own a gun and I have no idea how to shoot one! However, in my dream I felt very ill-prepared because of not knowing how to use the weapon. Maybe one day I should learn!

Any ideas on what this strange dream could mean???

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  1. It means you should carry in a holster instead of your back pocket. It also means you shouldn’t be carrying a gun unless you’re willing and able to use it. But seriously, shooting is a lot of fun. Start off with a small caliber for minimal recoil and cheap ammo, then work your way up if desired.

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