Heigh ho, heigh ho…

It has been a busy week. We have been shooting weddings, editing weddings, and thinking about weddings. It never stops! Wedding season is in full swing! It’s both fun as well as tiring to be as busy as we are this spring.

This week I am taking on a new project – getting our home ready to do my portrait viewing & ordering sessions. This has been something that I’ve been planning for a while, and I am finally working on it! Sure, my house still needs a bit of work as we’ve been renovating very slowly since we moved in, and there are still a few things to finish (which will hopefully be completed this summer)… but I’m very excited, as doing this will make things easier for me as well as my clients to view their images without dismantling their home entertainment systems to plug in the HDMI cable! 🙂

Today, I will get a little break from all of my work, as I need to take one of the cars in for an oil change & tire rotation. While I’m out, I’m going to be getting lunch with my friend Ashley, who is mommy to the adorable Penny, who I’ve been lucky enough to photograph several times!

Unfortunately, one downside to being so busy is that I haven’t gotten to do much shooting for myself in a while. Maybe in June, when wedding things calm down, I can have some fun again!

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